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1.1 This non-profit unincorporated association hereafter referred to as “CHAPTER” shall be known as Southwest Chapter.


2.1   The “CHAPTER”,  consisting of the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, southern Nevada, and Utah, is a chapter of its parent organization, AMERICAN COACH ASSOCIATION. The “CHAPTER” provides for all members of AMERICAN COACH ASSOCIATION, a regional organization for carrying out the aims and purposes of its parent organization as such are expressed in the by-laws of AMERICAN  COACH ASSOCIATION.


  • There shall be only one regular class of membership. No person may be a member of the “CHAPTER” or continue as a member unless such person is a member in good standing of AMERICAN COACH
  • Application for membership in the “CHAPTER” shall be made in writing and addressed to the secretary of the “CHAPTER”, accompanied by payment of such fees and dues as determined by the Board of
  • No person shall be disqualified from membership on account of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status or the presence  of any
  • Membership is deemed a personal privilege and shall not be subject to sale, transfer, assignment or
  • Charter members shall be those persons who joined by July 26,


4.1  The annual dues for membership in the “CHAPTER” shall be Twelve Dollars ($12.00) peryearor such amount as the Board of Directors shall establish. Dues from applicants shall be the full amount required for the fiscal year beginning July first, or prorated by the month in which the applicant joins the “CHAPTER” at the rate of One Dollar ($1.00) per month, plus initiation fee of Eight Dollars ($8.00). Renewal dues from members of the “CHAPTER” shall become due and payable in full July 1st of each fiscal year. Any members whose dues remain unpaid sixty (60) days after they become due will be dropped from membership. In the event of reinstatement, dues are retroactive  to the beginning  of the current fiscal year.


  • All resignations shall be made in writing, addressed to the Secretary  of the “CHAPTER”.
  • A member may be either suspended or expelled by the Board of Directors for conduct injurious to the welfare of the “CHAPTER”, or for failure to pay any dues or indebtedness to the “CHAPTER” within sixty (60) days of notification by the “CHAPTER” of such dues and indebtedness. The Board of Directors may reinstate a terminated member upon such conditions as the Board deems appropriate.


  • It shall be the policy of the “CHAPTER” to conduct a meeting of the membership at all of its regional rallies and AMERICAN  COACH ASSOCIATION
  • The “CHAPTER” shall hold an annual meeting at the last rally prior to the end of every fiscal year for the purpose of electing officers. Other meetings may be called by the President during the year for the organizing and carrying on of activities  of the “CHAPTER”.
  • Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of all meetings of the regular membership, except as otherwise provided by these By-Laws.
  • Except as otherwise provided by law or these By-Laws, all questions shall be decided by majority vote of those regular members in attendance at a regular meeting or by written vote if requested by the


  • The government of the “CHAPTER” shall be vested in the Board of Directors, composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer  and Immediate Past
  • Regular and special meetings of the Board shall be held as directed by the President or Vice­ President. Such meeting may be conducted at any annual or regular meeting of the membership, or by
  • A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Board of
  • If a vacancy occurs on the Board of Directors, the President shall appoint a qualified successor to serve until such appointee or a successor is elected at the next meeting of the regular membership, or any subsequent  meeting
  • The Board of Directors shall have the power to make such “CHAPTER” rules and to designate such committees as it deems advisable to carry out the purposes of the “CHAPTER”. The President shall also have the power to designate and appoint other committees as the President deems advisable to carry out the purposes  of the “CHAPTER”.
  • The usual term of each elected Director shall be one (1) year and shall terminate upon the election of a qualified successor. A Director may be re-elected to a  new term.


  • The duty of the President shall be to preside at all meetings, both of the membership and Board of Directors, and with the Secretary to sign the record of the proceedings of all such meetings; to sign and execute all written contracts and obligations of the “CHAPTER”; to endorse all the By­ laws and rules of the “CHAPTER”; to carry out the will of the Board of Directors; to appoint such committees as the President may deem appropriate; and to perform such other duties appropriate to that
  • It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to assist the President in the discharge of his or her duties, and in the event of the President’s absence or disability,  to officiate in his or her
  • It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a record of the proceedings of the Board of Directors and meetings of the membership; to keep and maintain at all times a roll of the members of the “CHAPTER”; to receive and conduct, in a timely fashion, all correspondence for, and on behalf of the Board of Directors; to keep and maintain the “CHAPTER’S” files; and to perform such other duties as pertains to the office of
  • It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive and collect all funds owing to the “CHAPTER”; to be the custodian of the “CHAPTER”S” funds collected; to render a report at all meetings of the Board of Directors; to pay all bills, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors; to sign all checks for and on behalf of the “CHAPTER”; to keep at all times an account of the funds and disbursements of the “CHAPTER” in proper books provided for that purpose; to render a financial report whenever called for by the Board of Directors or by the President, and at all regular membership meetings; and to perform such other duties as pertain to the office of the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall never co-mingle the funds of the “CHAPTER” with his of her own personal funds.
  • Wagon Masters for “CHAPTER” rallies shall be solicited and designated by the Chapter President and shall plan and conduct their rally with the assistance of other members as they see fit. The responsible Wagon Masters shall provide rally information to the Chapter Secretary for dissemination to all members on a timely basis so they will have ample time to plan for their attendance.
  • No officer of the “CHAPTER” shall obligate the “CHAPTER” to an indebtedness exceeding Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) without expressed approval of the “CHAPTER’S” Board of
  • The Officers of the “CHAPTER” shall not be held liable for any actions associated with the “CHAPTER” activities. Any liability incurred by a member shall be the responsibility of that member.


  • At the last meeting prior to July 1 of every fiscal year, nominations for new Officers shall be accepted from the The regular membership shall nominate eligible regular members for President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer to fill the vacancies caused by the scheduled expiration of the term of all officers. Members not in attendance at said meeting may be nominated for office if they have sent written permission of acceptance of an office.
  • The Board of Directors is, however, empowered to conduct the election of officers by mail ballot upon such conditions and safeguards as the Board deems appropriate if, for any reason, the Board determines that a mail ballot is more expedient than the procedure set forth


10.1 The principle office of the “CHAPTER” shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors, recognizing that the residences of the Officers may in the future be spread widely among different cities and states.


11.1 These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the regular membership providing that a mail ballot is provided for in addition to any floor voting at any meeting of the regular membership and conditional upon the regular membership being notified in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the time and date of such voting of any such proposed  amendment.


original signed by: Geneva Haworth, Secretary & William Haworth,  President



signed by: Betty Harman, Secretary  and Monte Newsom, President



signed by: Betty Harman, Secretary  and Monte Newsom, President



signed by: Betty Harman, Secretary and Chuck Harman, President AMENDED OCTOBER 14,1995, at ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO AMENDED JUNE 16,2000,  at DECATUR, INDIANA